An International Transfer Certificate (ITC) is required for every player aged 10 years or older, who are registering in Australia for the first time. It is only necessary for those who have previously been registered and played in another country, and applies to both amateur and professional players. ITCs are a FIFA requirement, ensuring that players are not under contract, or have been suspended. This requirement applies even if the player is an Australia citizen, or has been previously registered in Australia, before playing overseas. 

When a participant triggers an ITC request, their registration will be sent to your Member Federation and Football Australia to be processed. Once an ITC request has been processed by the two governing bodies, the participant will be prompted to pay for the registration. After the participant has successfully paid the registration fee, you will be able to approve the registration.  


  1. The participant creates a registration to your club, disclosing a recent international registration, and triggering the ITC process. 
  2. The participant sends additional documents to support the ITC request to your Member Federation.
  3. Your Member Federation and Football Australia will process the request. 
  4. The participant will be prompted to pay the outstanding registration fee. 
  5. Once you have received confirmation of payment, you can approve the registration. 

Please note that it is only after the governing bodies have processed the ITC, and the participant has paid the registration fee, that you will have the ability to approve the registration.