Quick Summary:   

If you have received the below error when logging into the Learning Centre, please follow these steps. 


We detected multiple coach or referee registrations connected to your Football Account. As a result, we are not able to log you in with that account.” 


Key notes: 

This error occurs when a participant has multiple accounts/registrations linked to their profile or email address.

Steps to Completion: 

2. Select ‘Learner (Football Account) and attempt to login using your PlayFootball credentials. 


3. Select ’Sign Up to Learning Centre Account’ when the error message appears 


4. Fill out your credentials and select ’continue’.  


5. This will prompt you to create a Learning Centre Account by setting up a password. 

6. If you already have a Learning Centre account, the page will notify you that a user already exists and direct you back to the login page: 


7. After completing this step, go back to the login page via https://learn.footballaustralia.com.au/training/index.cfm?event=page.login 


8. Select ’Learner (Learning Centre Account)’ 
9. Enter your FFA number as your username and the password linked to your account. 


10. Select ’LOG IN’. 

11. If you are unsure of your password, select ‘forgot password’ 


12. Enter your FFA number or the email address linked to your account and select ‘send’. Follow the prompts to reset your password. 

13. This will send an email prompting you to reset your password. Reset your password and attempt to login again. 

If any further issues arise, please contact the Learning Centre support team via: 

Phone: 02 8880 7983 

Email: support@playfootball.com.au