To create a new coupon / voucher scheme for your club click on Registration \ Coupons => Add new voucher Scheme

You have 2 choices when setting up vouchers / coupons:

1) Single use coupon - Creates a unique code per coupon that can only be used once by one person

2) Multi use coupon -  Creates 1 single code that can be used multiple times by multiple registrants to the limit you specify

You can specify the type of voucher you would like to use under  "Redemption Type" settings

Single use voucher setup:

Enter in all applicable details including the name, total promotional spend (how much discount to offer), Max number available (if you want to cap how many registrants can use this voucher) - click SAVE

The "Redemption Restrictions" settings are optional - only use if you want to restrict the type of registrant that can use this voucher

If not already ticked, edit the voucher and tick "Active" to make active

To view the unique single use voucher codes:

Click on Registration \  Voucher Management \ Select your voucher from the drop down list under "Voucher Scheme" \ Click Outstanding => Search Vouchers

Multi use voucher setup:

Select Multi use from the Redemption Type menu and enter in all details such as name, redemption code you want to use & Total promotion spend (how much discount to offer per registrant entering this code) 

NOTE : For Multi use voucher setup to work you MUST put in a max number available and the from/to date of voucher availability for the voucher to be accepted otherwise the registrant will get an "invalid code" error message on the front end registration process. If you don't put a max available number the system will auto generate a 0 (to suggest zero available) and not work

All registrants will then be able to use this same one code you have specified in "Redemption code" to receive the discount amount you have specified in Total promotion spend to the Max no available limit