To approve offline registration on the admin portal you will first need to confirm the registrants have paid their fees.

To learn more about offline payments CLICK HERE

 Once confirmed that they have done so you will need to update their invoice if the registrant did not perform an online payment at the time of registration:

1. Click on [Registration menu] and then [Invoices], if the registrant is a coach, manager or official that do not require a payment for their registration go to Step 4.

2. Search the registrant using their name, player ID or FFA ID as well as the date range of placement of registration. Once entered click [Go].

3. Click on the ‘pencil’ icon under ‘Status’, click on [New Sub-Status] and select option [Paid] then [Save].

4. Click on [Registration Management] and then [Display Registrations].

5. Ensure the registrant/s have registered to the correct package by clicking on the information icon next to each record.

6. Tick the box/s next the registrant/s who have under ‘Sub Status’ Approval required listed, click [Please select bulk action] then [Approve Registration] and finally [Go].

7. The registrant/s have now been made active as indicated by their ‘Sub Status.

8. An email will be sent out automatically informing the registrant that they have been made active.

example email:

The support material will provide further assistance when your club is ready to start approving registrations.

The Document available displays how to approve participants when:

- The participant has selected offline payments

- The Participant has made a payment online